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Diana Gabaldon is having a whole conversation about Sam’s ass on Twitter with fans LOL (x)

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Only the deepest love will persuade me into matrimony, which is why I will end up an old maid.
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effie214: If you still want to to the five sentences meme: "There's just one thing I need to know." "What?" "How does it really feel having me inside you." (SORRY NOT SORRY.)


"Oliver," she groans, trying to move, but his body pressing into her stops anything significant.  

"Just answer the question." He’s smiling down on her, rolling his hips just once to drive the point home. She throws her head back at the sensation, trying to get the sounds she is making under control.

"It feels good, really good. Better than I imagined good," she says, giving her brain free will because the second she starts talking he finally moves. And whoa, wow, ‘good’ is the understatement of the century. "It’s amazing. It’s fantastic. It’s mindblowing."

He’s grunts into her neck as she speaks. She notices the more she talks the faster he moves, so she keeps it up, doesn’t check herself at all as she tells him all the ways he is making her feel where he is touching her inside. 

"Oliver!" She finally screams as she comes, pleasure spiking through every nerve ending.

"Felicity," he sighs a moment later as he finally let’s go, finding his own release. 

Felicity smiles to herself as she realizes that her babbling is something that definitely turns Oliver on.

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Hello darlings! My 22nd Birthday is coming up! On September 6th to be exact (that’s this saturday in case you were wondering). To celebrate I figured that making a tumblr awards would be fun! But I wanted a bit of a twist to it! (just like my previous tumblr awards) So to spice things up a bit, whoever wins the ‘Best Overall’ award will ALSO be my Blog of the Season for Autumn/Fall.  And  in an effort to make more/new friends I’m going to be adding a few new categories, so best of luck my darlings!  

 The Rules/Info:

  • Must Be Following Alejandra
  • Reblog this post, Likes will not count. 
  • September 6th is the deadline.
  • Results will be posted on the day after my birthday! Sept 7th.
  • Minimum of 50 notes
  • A runner up may be added to certain awards 

The Awards:

  • Golden Snitch Award [Best Harry Potter Blog]
  • Mockingjay Pin Award [Best Hunger Games Blog]
  • Enchanted Compass Award [Best Once Upon A Time Blog]
  • The Queen’s Award [Best Arrow/Flash Blog]
  • Golden Diadem Award [ Best Cultural Diversity Blog] 
  • Newcomer Award [ for those who i never knew existed but i should have]
  • Best Url A [ Harry Potter] 
  • Best Url B [ The Hunger Games]
  • Best Url C [ Once Upon A Time]
  • Best Url D [ Arrow/Flash]  
  • Best Theme
  • Best Graphics/Edits
  • Best Gifs
  • Nicest Blogger
  • Best Multifandom 
  • Best Aesthetic/Artistic Blog [ Art, Literature, Photography, Broadway or Fashion]
  • Best Overall [ aka my Autumn BOTS ]


  • Follow back from me (if not already)

  • Bragging rights plus unlimited promos for three weeks

  • My friendship, love and eternal glory

  • A link on my blog and anything else (within reason) that comes to mind

  • Not to mention the chance of being my botm! best of luck darlings

  • The BOTS Winner: A link on my page/promos for all of Autumn, (Sept - Nov)

Please keep in mind that this is all in good fun. I do this because it helps me find amazing new blogs to follow and it lets me gush and praise the blogs that I do already love so dearly. Also a huge thank you to my lovely friend Cassie (malfoyficents) who made the gorgeous edits for these tumblr awards! ilysm darling <3

Happy reblogging!

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so you were never a saint
and i’ve loved in shades of wrong
we learn to live with the pain
mosaic broken hearts

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I know what this is. This you, you know, trying to bond… with me.

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J - Come along. I’ll take you back up to the castle.

C - I don’t think that’s a very good idea.I had an encounter with some drunken clansmen in the corridor.

J - They dinna touch ye now?

C - I can’t go back.

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How friends stand next to each other (left) vs how a couple stands next to each other (right)

just saying…

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Oliver + cupping Felicity’s face throughout the seasons.

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