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22-23/ pics of my favorite people {x}.
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In which our Captain can’t distinguish himself from his character (x)

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New Jamie & Claire Stills | Outlander Ep 1.03 [x]

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His smile is the definition of perfection.


His smile is the definition of perfection.

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happenstance 2/? (oliver/felicity au)


In which Felicity is Oliver’s daughter’s kindergarten teacher. 2689 words (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!). pg. terrible, frankly, but what the hell, let’s do this anyway.

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effie214: Oliver/Felicity, a bike ride that goes slightly wrong when they run out of has. (Bonus if Felicity finds a way to, ahem, distract him while they wait for help.)


Title: Every Mile A Memory
Category: Arrow
Word Count: 1000
Rating: M
A/N: Thanks to effie214 for the prompt. Title taken from the Dierks Bentley song of the same name.
Summary: “I didn’t realize I was quite that distracting though.”
Read: AO3 or here.

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Chris Evans’ ALS ice bucket challenge [donate]

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